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Welcome to Jam Innovations, the law blog devoted to educating visitors about the legal industry in the United States, particularly in Illinois. From personal injury to divorce law to workers’ compensation, Jam Innovations is all about informing attorneys as well as past, current and prospective clients of the recent trends affecting this industry. Factors such as the economy and district changes affect the way cases are handled, and can cause endless frustration for litigators and their clientele if they don’t keep up with these trends.

To kick off this website, I’ll focus on a few of the many areas in which trends are still making changes to the legal industry.

1. Social Networking

Social networking itself may not be the newest innovation, but it’s still developing and changing every year, with new applications being developed and implemented on social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. With many more convenient tools available to make communicating with prospective employees and employers easier, as well as to improve professional networking, these sites are consistently making themselves more efficient as tools for people in the legal industry. I’ve found that one attorney who makes good use of social media tools including Facebook and YouTube is, a personal injury attorney in Chicago.

2. Work-Life Balancing

In periods of recession, many employees in law offices—particularly attorneys—are required to work longer hours and sacrifice their personal lives as a result. Other factors such as billable hour quotas, layoffs and more legal competition also cause law firms to work even harder to take on and win more cases. At the same time, developments like telecommuting, part-time work, phased retirement, flex-time, condensed schedules and other elements are forcing law offices to become more efficient.

3. Virtual Law Firms
Many legal matters aren’t conducted from within an actual office, but rather at home because of the technology available. With more powerful mobile phones, cloud technology and other developments coming into play, lawyers and other legal professionals don’t need to work in a physical office as often.

The Future of Law Practice
There are, of course, many other trends that regularly affect the legal industry, and I’ll explore them throughout the future posts I have planned. I’ll provide tips and include news stories relative to different practice areas, helping to inform all legal professionals or people who simply want to know more about the legal landscape.

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